Summary of qualifications:

Strong Cisco/LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) administrator with a proven record of success leading small to medium sized teams. Managerial background includes years of experience managing highly intelligent network engineers, developers, dba’s, and graphic designers. Duties included employee reviews, purchasing, feasibility studies, budget planning and forecasting, technical briefings, code reviews, productivity assessments and improvements.

Core Competencies
Cisco routers and switches (CCNA)
LAMP administration and development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
Windows Server Administration (Active Directory, Exchange – MCSE)
DHCP, BIND, DNS, iptables
GIT, Redmine, ffmpeg
Scripting (Bash, Powershell, bat)
Project Management
Team Leadership

In the summer of 2015 my father suffered a severe stroke and I left the job market to care for him. During this time I also started a company and furthered my career by obtaining my CCNA certification. Currently working on obtaining Cisco CCNA Security certification.

Employment History

Network Manager – Enmode, Inc 2014-2015

Worked remotely managing a small group of global employees, hundreds of websites, and a network of servers hosted around the world. This position required me to take an unmanaged, undocumented network and move it to a managed solution. I performed hands on network administration (Cisco Catalyst 6500 ASA/CSM, Linux, Microsoft, MySQL cluster admin, Cisco & Dell switches, VPN, IPSec, Bind, and scripting), PHP development, and all around technical troubleshooting.

Installed and configured Redmine for project management and integrated GIT for version control. Used BASH scripting extensively combined with PHPDoc and other tools to document the existing network/code and prepare for consolidation. Implemented guidelines for pushing code to production and proper documentation. Established test environments and and lifecycle guidelines for development.

Used Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and speed tools to optimize existing sites. Spidered sites using Screaming Frog to locate SEO issues and direct developers on areas to focus. Rebuilt network in Toronto office increasing bandwidth while lowering costs.

Oversaw the consolidation of 200 servers down to 17 while upgrading php, mysql, and Linux. Extremely complex position with a ton of moving parts and spinning plates.

Employment History

Director of Business Development / Senior Network Engineer, Tri-State Technology Professionals, Inc 2000-2014

Oversaw all aspects of the company’s websites and marketing. Along with my excellent team I created marketing plans, website designs, budgets and set goals based on those plans. Brainstormed with creative groups and even performed some copy writing. Used data from Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Clicktale and internal MySQL databases to transform complex websites into money making machines. Weekly meetings with the heads of development, customer service and network operations assured our targets were being reached and allowed me to review the changes that drove the company forward.

I wrote detailed best practices and training material for team members to use in future website design and implementation. I reviewed Google Webmaster Tools daily. I’m a strong advocate of building sites with the end user in mind as well as Google. I’m also a fan of using existing technologies to turn a product around quickly. I created many one-off sites using WordPress and other open source CMS systems.

Besides my leadership and technical duties I also traveled the world meeting affiliates and owners of companies seeking new avenues for growth. I’ve spoken on industry panels in front of thousands of my peers and have appeared on radio and television shows promoting our sites. I am comfortable in the spotlight or behind the scenes.

Before taking on the role or Director of Business Development, I managed a team of technical employees and over 1,200 web sites. I made technology decisions for the future of the company. Oversaw projects that spanned departments. Lowered total cost of ownership by selecting solid solutions backed by research. ROI studies, setting policies and standards for all aspects of network use, documentation, and software. I designed the network from the ground up. The network consists of 65+ servers running Linux and 50+ servers running Windows NT/2000 – Using Active Directory in hybrid mode; Big IP, Cisco Routers, Catalysts and switches, HP and Dell servers, Qmail, Apache, IIS, Portsentry, CheckPoint Firewalls, and much, much more. Documented all work using Access, SQL, Visio and Visual Source Safe.

Employment History

Senior Network Engineer – 2000

Eon Digital was an online document management company that focused on collaboration.

I was the engineer of 30 + servers running various operating systems. We had a fiber backbone with Cisco switches, Big IP Load Balancer, SSL acceleration, Cisco Pix Firewall, Raptor Firewall, Oracle cluster with Windows 2000 advanced server. Managed technical staff – help desk, graphic design, developers. Created project plans, disaster recovery documents, spec sheets, budgets for IT, Visio Network Diagrams, trained staff, weekly code reviews.

The company was suffering from lack of funding after the dot-com bubble collapse.

Employment History

Network Engineer – Dexpo 2000

Daily tasks included the administration of 12 NT servers running IIS, Exchange, Oracle, Intel routers and switches, Big IP load balancer and Raptor Firewall; Implementing version control for production/development sites.

Programming Flash 4 multimedia product demonstrations. Designing Web sites using Macromedia’s
Dreamweaver, Adobe Go Live, and Visual Studio.

Company was sold to Arizona based company and I was not ready to relocate.

Employment History

Network Engineer & Consultant – Cartel Systems – 1999

Cartel was a computer hardware and network consulting company based in Bensalem PA.

I was a network engineer and consultant. I visited client locations and handled a variety of situations from computer support to advanced network design and implementation.

My daily tasks included systems administration and analysis of Microsoft Windows NT (Server, Workstation and Terminal Server), Novell 3.x and 4.x operating systems, project management, optimization and daily maintenance of Exchange and GroupWise e-mail servers, installation of Compaq and HP servers and workstations, migration of Novell and WinNT servers. Troubleshooting LANs (10 to 1,000 users), designing and implementing pure ip environments.
They also included backing up software and data using ARCserve IT and Backup Exec, using Goldmine with SQL, analyzing and updating for Y2K compliance using ClickNet Y2K software, installing Wide Area
Networks using Cisco Products (Pix firewalls and routers), training end users in advanced operations and
time saving techniques, phone support for a myriad of customer relations and technician problems.

Employment History

Field Technician Wang Global 1998-1999

In 1998 after completing my MCSE certifications I was hired by Robert Half International as a temporary worker performing system support during the CoreStates – First Union Bank merger.

After proving myself a valuable member of the team I was hired as a full time employee by Wang Global

My duties included project management, installation and configuration of Windows NT, Windows 95, OS/2, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, and Rumba Mainframe. Troubleshooting of PC’s, servers, printers and terminals. Configuration of Cisco routers and 3com infrastructure.

Trained employees in system administration and troubleshooting techniques.
Coordination of inventory, company wide software roll-outs, and installations.

Employment History

Network Consultant

At the start of my professional career I provided basic network support for several small to medium sized companies.

This included installation and maintenance of Novell 3.1, Windows NT 3x, Lan Manager, and others. Troubleshooting, help desk, data entry and other computer related positions.

Taking on these small roles helped me gain experience while helping me pay for schooling.

Some of the companies were RHI, J & J Snack Foods, Baker Lanes, Harris School of Business, Philadelphia Inquirer, and several small offices (lawyers, doctors, dentists)


About Me

I’m a skilled amateur photographer and enjoy hiking, running and rock climbing.

My family is extremely important to me. I’m a PTA member, baseball coach and I’m active in the community.
I volunteer at the local library as well as several animal shelters in the area.

I went to college for computer science major and marketing minor, but entered the job market before
completing my degree. I was certified as an MCSE+I as well as Cisco and Sans security.