Skype – no longer able to exit

Seems that there has been an update to Windows/Skype and it no longer gives the option to quit Skype by right clicking on the icon in the task bar.

I quickly Googled and didn’t find a way to quit Skype.

The menus inside Skype also don’t include a quit option.

I can picture a bunch of Microsoft execs sitting in a room discussing how to get more people to use Skype.
Maybe if we don’t let them exit they will learn to love it.

For now I’m exiting using the Task Manager
Right click on the task bar, click Task Manager.
In the Process tab under Apps there should be a listing for Skype.
Right click and choose – End Task.

This will close Skype.

*** Update – 6/25 ***

It seems that the option to close Skype has returned.
The easiest way to exit Skype is to right click on the Skype icon in the task bar and select Quit Skype