Employment History

Network Manager – Enmode, Inc 2014-2015

Worked remotely managing a small group of global employees, hundreds of websites, and a network of servers hosted around the world. This position required me to take an unmanaged, undocumented network and move it to a managed solution. I performed hands on network administration (Cisco Catalyst 6500 ASA/CSM, Linux, Microsoft, MySQL cluster admin, Cisco & Dell switches, VPN, IPSec, Bind, and scripting), PHP development, and all around technical troubleshooting.

Installed and configured Redmine for project management and integrated GIT for version control. Used BASH scripting extensively combined with PHPDoc and other tools to document the existing network/code and prepare for consolidation. Implemented guidelines for pushing code to production and proper documentation. Established test environments and and lifecycle guidelines for development.

Used Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and speed tools to optimize existing sites. Spidered sites using Screaming Frog to locate SEO issues and direct developers on areas to focus. Rebuilt network in Toronto office increasing bandwidth while lowering costs.

Oversaw the consolidation of 200 servers down to 17 while upgrading php, mysql, and Linux. Extremely complex position with a ton of moving parts and spinning plates.